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These 4oz Beverage Grade Tanks ship filled with 3oz of beverage grade CO2 and are ready for use in your Sodastream unit when used with the Sodamod adapter (sold separately).

Why 4oz tanks? Isn't that a small tank? The reason we sell the 4oz tanks is because that is the threshold that the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) has set for determining whether a shipment must be categorized as a hazardous material shipment. Anything over this threshold must pay a special handling charge which can be up to $30.00 in addition to the normal shipping charges.

By using the 4oz tanks we can avoid these fees. We can ship as many tanks as needed in one shipment without incurring the hazmat charge making the shipment of pre-filled CO2 tanks feasible. We suggest ordering 6 or more tanks. The initial cost may be a bit high, but for someone that does not live near a CO2 filling station this is a viable alternative. The empty tanks can then be shipped back to us to be refilled and returned to you.
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4oz Tank Pre-Filled with Beverage Grade CO2
4oz Tank Pre-Filled with Beverage Grade CO2