Sodamod Troubleshooting / FAQ

Sodamod Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. My tank leaks when attaching the Sodamod.
A. The Sodamod was designed to be adjustable because the length of the pin valves in the tanks may vary slightly. To adjust use the 1/16” Allen key provided to raise
or lower the adjustment screw found in the center of the Sodamod.

Q. My drinks are not as carbonated (fizzy) as before.
A. The adjustment screw might not be pushing the pin valve far enough
open causing the flow of CO2 into the drink to be restricted. To fix this, simply use
the Allen key and turn the adjustment screw clockwise slightly and
retest until the desired flow of CO2 is achieved. Be sure not to screw
the pin to far as this will cause the tank to leak and may damage the pin valve.

Q. My tanks leaked all of their CO2 out.
A. Be sure that the Sodamod is adjusted properly. If the adjustment
screw is screwed to far in, it may cause the pin valve of the tank to
leak. Listen for small leaks and/or place the tank with the adapter
installed and properly adjusted under water to check for leaks. If a leak is
detected turn the adjustment screw counter clockwise until the leak

Q. Everywhere I call they say they can’t fill Sodastream tanks.
A. The Sodamod doesn’t use Sodastream tanks it uses standard paintball
cylinders which most commercial gas suppliers can fill. When asking
around for CO2 fills be sure to ask about filling paintball tanks not
Sodastream tanks.

Q. Where do I fill the tanks?
A. Our customers have used the following locations:
Dicks’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Academy Sports, Sports
Chalet, Airgas, a local paintball store, or try using Google to find a
local co2 or gas supplier. We suggest calling the location to confirm
that they have CO2 on hand and that they can fill a paintball tank.
Please find a location that can fill your tanks before placing your order. Due to the fact that the tanks
are a "food item" we do not accept returns on tanks.

Q. Why am I not able to carbonate as much water as I could with the
Sodastream tanks.
A. Depending on your model the paintball tanks may be slightly smaller than the Sodastream tanks.
12oz vs 14.5oz for the models that use the 60L carbonators and
20-24oz vs 33oz for the models that use the 130L carbonators. This
size difference is more than made up for by the difference in cost
that you are paying for the CO2. The thing to look out for is that
you are getting the CO2 that you pay for. CO2 is sold by weight so
you should be getting what you pay for. You should be getting
approximately 80% or more of the stated capacity. 9.6oz for a 12oz tank and
16oz for a 20oz tank and 19.2 for a 24 oz tank. These numbers are
approximations and the reason the tanks are filled to 80% is to allow
for expansion. This is industry standard and is done for safety. So
make sure that your supplier is weighing your tanks as they are
filling them.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. The Sodamod adapter has a "Lifetime Warranty" for the original purchaser. We guarantee the
Sodamod adapter to be free from manufacture defects for as long as you own the adapter.
Sodamod Tanks are warrantied to be free from defects for 30 days. Due to the fact that they are a "food item"
they can only be returned for repair or replacement (at our discretion) and they can not be returned for credit.